“…What is the temporary were forever? The goal is to design a public space with these precepts.”


I’ll be on the jury of Temporary Publics Sketch 120 charrette competition in Brooklyn tomorrow, hosted by SUPERFRONT and The Architecture League of NY’s Design in 5. Should be fascinating – several community organizations from Bed-Stuy have submitted indoor/outdoor summertime public project proposals, and tomorrow around 30 designers and architects will be submitting designs in which to realize them — the winning sketch will be built in Superfront’s massive backyard and active throughout the summer!

Innovative public spaces are so hard to create and maintain – especially in dense, expensive cities like Nueva York – so it’s great to help coax one into being. I’ve been reviewing the communty groups’ proposals and it’s already exciting. You are welcome to come join us as the various design teams develop rapid-fire proposals…

Sketch 120: Sketch Cypher – Temporary Publics

Design in 5 Charrette
A program within SUPERFRONT’s spring series, “Cypher on Urban Affairs”
Jury: DJ/rupture, nARCHITECTS, and Slade Architecture
Saturday, May 15
2:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.
1432 Atlantic Avenue

“Participants will be randomly assigned a detailed program brief, submitted by community organizations through a SUPERFRONT open-call, with parameters for a semi-outdoor space to be managed for public activity in Brooklyn. The selected team will have the opportunity to construct their design in a 1,000 square foot outdoor space behind the SUPERFRONT gallery in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, in collaboration with SUPERFRONT. Construction will be supported through donated materials from Materials For The Arts, other partners, and novice construction volunteers. Winners will be given a budget of $500 for additional supplies. The temporary outdoor installation will open on June 26th and will run until August 15th.”

more details.

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