La Tropa Colombiana - Homenaje a los grandes a

After yesterday’s cumbias rebajadas, the regular stuff seems fast. First off, a stunning 14-minute cumbia colombiana medley from Mexico’s Tropa Colombiana. Lots of classics in here, heavy on the accordion. Fluid and entrancing, “como si estuvieramos en Colombia!” (“like we were in Colombia!”):

[audio:Tropa Colombiana – Cumbia Exagonal.mp3]

Tropa Colombiana – Cumbia Exagonal


An interview in Spanish which I can’t quite remember doing. But it seems to have happened. Aqui tienen una entrevista conmigo en espanol. No recuerdo haciendola, pero bueno, ya esta: “No hago distinción entre música popular y música experimental”: DJ Rupture* Por Oscar Adad.


exterminador 01

Narcocorridos. Much has been said. But listening? It’s a narrative phenomenon. Meaning stories. Meaning if you can’t understand the lyrics you won’t be getting much critical information from the songs. Take this tune for example. I don’t particularly like this style of music. Yet the lyrics are totally crazy, meticulously descriptive when compared to, say, crack rap. Cumbia is vibe music, many times the lyrics are versions from decades past; Narcocorridos are narrative, dense, detailed short stories set to the tune of cheesy cowboy polkas. It’s intense. Lyric translations in the comment section would be very welcome!

[audio:Exterminador_AMOR EN CANTIDADES.mp3]

Exterminador – Amor En Cantidades

Also: a few days ago Lamin saw a couple doing coke on the NYC subway before 9 in the morning. The man made fun of the woman, who had accidentally smudged some power on her nose: “you look like Scarface!”


Everything is happening too quickly. We gotta slow down.


[Turtle at zoo in Czech Republic, wikipedia]

I hit the cumbia rebajada motherlode in MX. slow & low, downpitched sublime. Cumbias rebajadas are slowed down cumbias that you can buy on the street in the right towns. Time gone viscous. Here’s a dark one, really stellar this. I twittered it yesterday:


Parranderos de Colombia – Cumbia Serrana (rebajada)

and here’s a deep one.. about Arizona:

[audio:Super Grupo Colombia – Cumbia Arizona.mp3]

Super Grupo Colombia – Cumbia Arizona (rebajada)

I can’t believe it’s July already. This is shocking. Everything is happening too quickly. I’m gonna go for a walk outside and when I come back it’s going to be 2015. Wait…