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Friday November 20 – DJ /rupture & Matt Shadetek, Devlin + Darko. @ The Empty Bottle, Chicago. Free with rsvp, $10 otherwise. to get in free, email:

Saturday November 21 – DJ /rupture & Matt Shadetek @ The Video Saloon, Bloomington Indiana. A Benefit Show for the Indiana Forest Alliance.

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for a taste of what Matt will be spinning, check his latest mix, S3CR3T KN0W13DG3 – triangulated somewhere dutty between Matt’s own productions, up-to-the-times dancehall, and UK funky.

2 thoughts on “THIS WEEKEND”

  1. Found your blog via your NPR post on “Free” music. Fantastic radio show btw – love those southern influences! Listening to it during my painting session this afternoon.

    Visual artists, photographers & writers are all dealing with the same issues re. copyright, hybrids, and making a living at what we do. The music industry is a few years ahead of us. All our industries are in flux, it’s exciting and freaking scary too.

    Cheers from down under!

  2. I wish I coulda made this, but I was actually playing a show that night too heh. Hope it went well, friends who went told me it was awesome.

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