on tonight’s radio show: special guests Brooklyn’s own Telepathe! Their incoming album, Dance Mother, is so great I can’t even talk about it (i just listen again & again)… Since I’m speechless I figured the easiest thing to do was have them talk about it, their influences, soft synths, harmonic convergence, lyrical power, and “Michael” instead. They’ll also be sharing a bunch of new sounds (by non-Telepathes) from hiphop to dubstep and beyond.

As always, show goes out at Wednesdays, 7pm EST, 91.1fm, plus realtime streaming, streamable archives, and a podcast version.

For fans of the Caribbean/UK/’brown Atlantic’ soundfield, be sure to listen back to the previous guest show on WFMU, when Gervase from London’s Heatwave joined us for massive tuneage and equally deep commentary. This one received a lot of nice feedback.

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  1. More positive feedback on the Gervase show you did: I think I listened to the podcast of that one show more than twenty times. Quite possibly my favorite episode of the show to date. Really good stuff.

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