quick reminder that I’ll be speaking alongside Jedediah Purdy @ the Strand tonite, in a discussion moderated by Mark Grief, editor of n+1. Says Mark: “Audience participation is very much invited. Do you want to know why it’s better for Jace to deliberately hand his music over to bootleggers with names like ‘Vampiros’ than go through record distributors? Or why Jed, liberal stalwart, seems in his new book to be telling everybody to go read Edmund Burke and Adam Smith?

Strand Bookstore, 828 Broadway at 12th Street, THURSDAY, MARCH 12, 7 PM.

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And the kind folks at Mondomix asked me to put together a chart of current global hotness. They found some nice youtubery to accompany my writeup as well..

4 thoughts on “STRAND + MONDOMIX CHART”

  1. Omega y su Mambo Violento is blowing up my headphones and my YouTube screen. This sh¥t is crazy. I feel so far away in Tokyo.

  2. it’s nice that you hang around with n+1 and all that, but what’s happening with the mudd up podcast? last show i’ve got is feb 11.
    i really enjoy listening to it, that’s why i’m asking you from oslo, norway.

  3. Arne – thanks for the heads-up, its been marathon fundraising drive @ the station and we slipped. Another podcast episode is online now and the rest will be up soon.

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