On Tuesday May 12, Barcelona’s heavyweight SONAR electronic music festival arrives for a FREE one-off night here in New York City — first of its kind! Performers include myself, Prefuse 73, Beans and a bunch of friends from Barcelona… gratis but you need to sign-up.

SONAR NYC is part of the monthlong Catalan Days festival, which kicks off today.


& I’ve got a Brooklyn gig before that as well – Friday May 1st, I’ll DJ an Agriculture edition of the long-running Bunker party. It goes down in Brooklyn’s Public Assembly. Quite looking forward to see Raz ‘Badawi’ Mesinai live, haven’t caught a set of his in awhile.


4 thoughts on “SONAR, RUPTURA, NUEVA YORK”

  1. Sonia Gomez’s work is really good, and I strongly recommend checking out “My Mother and I” on May 5th at this festival, if y’all get the chance. I first saw her at Tunnel of Love, one of Barcelona artspace Hangar’s open nights, where she was doing some crazy minimal dance thing to Christian Vogel (I think) playing ambient stuff. All the while, a big screen behind her showed video of her doing similar dances, and this would react to what she was doing (or what the music was playing, I don’t really know) in ways that created really interesting tension and beautiful forms through the two bodies. She’s got plenty of material on YouTube, but none of it’s as good as experiencing it in person.

  2. good question – i have no idea! is it not obvious doing it w/ the online thing? i assumed you just entered your details and got on a list, seems like physical tickets would be a waste of paper…. but i dont know, comment here if you get an answer…!

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