I’ve got 4 interesting gigs this week. All-out parties on Wednesday and Saturday, a free artist’s talk / Q&A /demystifying-what-i-do-mini-set on Friday, and my duo for guitar & turntables with Andy Moor on Thursday. I’m psyched to meet Chattanooga!


Wed. Sept 9: Madison WI @ the Annex. event info + interview ‘on cumbia and Stephen King

Thurs. Sept 10: Chicago IL. Duo with Andy Moor at The Wire’s Adventures in Modern Music festival, Empty Bottle. Lucky Dragons will also be performing!

Fri. Sept 11 + Sat. Sept 12: Chattanooga TN. On Friday, a free artist talk/Q&A/turntablism demo early. Club gig on Saturday. The talk with be live streaming and maybe twittering here. Friday talk facebook page, Saturday party facebookery.

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  1. kool stuff. i hate it that i live in a town (DC) so devoid of cultural worth that interesting things like this never seem to happen.

    and chattanooga is pretty cool. i had fun even though the only time i was there was when my car broke down driving back to VT.

  2. A promo mix for the Chatt show! This saturday is going to be craazzy

    1. Buraka Som Sistema- New Africas pt 2
    2. Ramadanman- Revenue (Untold Remix)
    3. KuBo- Bush Tool
    4. Coki- Warlord
    5. Zed Bias- Ambush Riddim
    6. Zomby- Liquid Dancehall
    7. Dred Man-Gi feat Nell- Não Tá Se Entender
    8. Nilcaps- Toca Son
    9. Buraka Som Sistema- Beef

  3. whoa whoa whoa now, DC has Go Go. I’ll trade you that for every Band in Chicago for sure. Keeping ghetto house and lil howling wolf though.

    I don’t think I’ll be able to make the bottle show as broke as I am but I might try. Have fun.

  4. Hey thanks again very much for the comp tickets I am glad that I was able to make it over to your show. Thanks for spinning here in Madison! Sorry I meant to say “hi”, but the music was loud, then you were up on stage. I hope that the rest of your trip went well and I look forward to the show Monday on WFMU.



  5. that’s too bad about that show in chattanooga supporting international justice mission. they are awful human rights violators, using the label of human rights defenders.

    and tim, dc has great culture and some fantastic dj nights, where you been?

  6. Hey – I drove up to Chattanooga from Atl to hover around and check out the set. How fun to have a bunch of kids getting hyped and having a great time to a set of shit they had _never heard before_ — even grooving to the slower tempo of dubstep. Well done, sir!

  7. @dave quam – i love go-go but the opportunities for me to go out and see it are a bit limited by the venues, etc…often they aren’t in DC but are way out in PG county. have seen chuck brown a few times though

    @bent – i’ve been around…lived here for 5 years…never felt the pulse here that i feel in other major cities. transient nature, difficult history…not sure why. have been to untold numbers of dj nights but they’ve gotten more and more boring i’ve found. i do love chris burns’ disco city stuff, plus max dunbar and the FFA stuff as well.

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