Breaking news! Mudd Up radio, my weekly radio show on WFMU 91.1 fm NYC, is moving from Wednesday nights to Mondays. Tonight is the last Wednesday show. We’ll return early next week, Monday June 22nd, when WFMU’s summer schedule kicks in. The time, 7-8pm, remains the same.

I’ll be after Douglass Rushkoff’s show, and Vicki “People Like Us” will slip into my former slot. In other words: all good.

Except the American FCC ban on explicit language, which amounts to soft censorship and means we play a lot less rap, dancehall, and grime then we otherwise would on-air. You can’t clean them all…

+ + +

me: u coming 2nite? can you send clean WILEY? that 1st track u posted is AMAZING
lamin: yeah. oh, i think that Wiley track is clean too…
lamin: i’ll check it now
me: kool
Sent at 4:20 PM on Wednesday
lamin: yep, it’s clean.
you can grab it here –
Sent at 4:24 PM on Wednesday
lamin: amazing how he can spit for over five minutes and no swears…
me: very impressive
wiley is #1

4 thoughts on “RADIO TONITE”

  1. Eski’s so good with the implicatures he doesn’t need to cuss.

    “As soon as you tried to grab it, the gods won’t have it / your girlfriend’s not satisfied by you so she got a rabbit.”

    Awww, cute.

  2. joder, tio, se puede decir cualquier pedazo de mierda ‘on-air’ si no esta en ingles!!

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