Radio tonight: special guest Bendude from Montreal’s Masala crew! Topic: Digital digging. (aka Secret Google Cheat Codes). We’ve hosted ‘analog’ diggers like Beto from Soundways and Sonido Martines, now it’s time to learn about the other side…

KEYWORDS: Cd-rs, rapidshare, mp3s, coupe decale, cumbia, world music 2.0, internet submarines, poorly rendered turtles all the way down, francophone.

2 thoughts on “RADIO TONITE”

  1. *snore*
    anyone who’s lived for years amidst the pounding of cumbia, whether good or bad, can’t help but find the sudden avant-interest in the incessant side step of cumbia altogether peculiar. Either move on or open your ears: you’re being outclassed by every 4-wheeled sound system trolling for ass in bushwick and in plenty of elsewheres.

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