Spacious and peaceful, gentle Amazigh production from one of the big groups in this style. Banjo, reverb, delay, more reverb, more delay, and those hard-panned drum machines.

[audio:Oudaden – Track 03.mp3]

Oudaden – track 3

i’ve been jamming to this song for awhile, thinking it was something completely different… turns out I nabbed it from Awesome Tapes. Full k7 here.

Oudaden neglects what appears to be their own blog(s), and some fans neglect kindly maintain what appear to be Oudaden fan blog(s).

It’s interesting to think about the decay of online information – from dead links slowly cutting apart our little connective webs to fierce new spam algorhythms quietly gumming up the sites you visit – or mimicing them. Some hacker specializing in legacy databases breaks into your old WordPress admin board and replaces everything with links to discount pharmaceuticals. 10 years from now? 5? How do the InterNests age?


as we think about degraded webs (allegedly spiders on benzedrine but i’m skeptical)…

let’s listen to more peaceful Moroccan music: faraway-sounding Maalem Mahmoud Gania, also twelve minutes long, as long as it needs to be.


Mahmoud Gania – Essaouira
Gania previously mentioned here.


8 thoughts on “OUDADEN MEMORY DEPOT”

  1. beautiful music as usual. I wish I had time to sort through all the tunes from the awesome tapes from Africa blog. I usually dig most of the stuff posted there, and there’s a lot of music you can’t find in other places.

    Before the Soulcocina blog, I had a blog called Rani and Raja. Someone hacked into it in 2006 and put up some random lame ads. I just checked it now and it seems to be back, although scrambled up a bit, just where I left it.

  2. How you can say that the fans neglects the blog while you, you are even going to take musics and pictures of this blog
    your right KAML this is the best site the nicest in favour of the group amazigh

  3. ooh, OK — the 1st entry on the blog Kaml mentions says it’s from 2007, but the other posts beneath it are from 2009. I looked at it quickly and thought that the blog had stopped in 2007. Apologies! keep it busy…

  4. the article of 2007 it is made in the case of their album which went out in 2007 but the blog is often put in day

  5. Thank you for correction (the author of the blog it is a knowledge which I appreciate)

  6. thanks for posting this. i had dl’d it from awesometapes but overlooked it.

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