2 mambo tunes for you. The first is a flu song — a pre swine-flu flu song! Complete with coughing & sneezes. Salud! “I’ve got flu. Ha-choo.” Sickness turns audible. Manicomio means nuthouse; NYC’s Manikkomio are disturbing, both unintentionally and on-purpose. They are cute beefy young men who perform with ‘Jason’ Friday the 13th hockey masks on, often shirtless and/or in (more) S&M gear. Totally gay? Ultramacho heteros? Semi-closeted merengue-club? Please advise. Manikkomio’s myspace crashes my web browser sometimes.


[audio:La Gripe.mp3]

Manikkomio – La Gripe


& then DJ Ricky. He does a lot of production for Omega and is generally fantastic (he has earned the right to call himself El Rey del Mambo, not that kind of Mambo King.), with a special talent for making songs feel like they’re constantly accelerating. This one’s a rush-

[audio:Atacando a los Mambero.mp3]

DJ Ricky – Atancando a los Mambero

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  1. I was sick with the flu when I recorded that song and it made it real LOL

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