A ridiculous amount of things are happening in Los Angeles this weekend (so many that I’m afraid I won’t be able to return to Mashti Malone’s for more faludeh & rose saffron ice cream).

In addition to ongoing POSTOPOLISMO, tweeted here , there is a wealth of For Your Art’s LA Art Weekend events. Like Lucky Dragons performing at LACE’s Resonant Forms festival!

plus a handful of art openings such as

Gallery Glue Paper Scissors

and this one

[Carolyn Castaño, Pablo and Virginia]

“These new works depict portraits of the amorous adventures of Latin American guerrillas, drug lords, presidential candidates and beauty queens.”

2 thoughts on “L.A. ART WEEKEND”

  1. this is OT but a while ago (maybe even years ago?) you mentioned a novel about an ethnomusicologist collecting epic songs in (possibly?) eastern europe. there was a provincial beurocrat spying on him and two ethnic groups with the same epics but from different viewpoints and…does that ring a bell? i can’t remember title or author and it’s driving me bonkers.

    thanks for yr time.

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