BACK IN BROOKLYN, now neck-deep in an apartment move (same building just upstairs, but the chaos of records books and cables keeps things tricky. I need to sell everything i own on eBay/Craiglist, whittle my life down to 73 vinyl records and USB stick).

I just broke a spiral energy-efficient lightbulb (turns out that the bulb is also shatter-efficient, tiny shards cover my studio floor) which is making it more difficult than I like to get the speakers running so I can blast this lastest jam from dutty fam 77Klash and Matt Shadetek.




77Klash ft. Matt Shadetek – Pressure

The riddim, built by Matt, is called “Car Bomb”. Klash does his thing (no surprise his album will be titled “No Fear”); they’ve got an unreleased heap of this skullcrushery BK bashment wildness.

…One click leads to the next, and before you know it we’re looking at the Fader’s SXSW street fashion shots, the highlight of which is Mannie Fresh rocking a 5-A amaaaazing t-shirt — rich with existential overtones!


[Fader photo]

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  1. mr empirical — yr reading too much into it! 🙂 just a joke, no y.o.b. or other connection to a Greater Meaning. The astrologists / psychoanalysts among us may differ.

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