A lot of people like to talk about the politics of sound / sonic weaponry (often with a technophilic edge), but Filastine is one of the few who regularly puts himself at physical and legal risk to engage in mobile audio activism – from his now-defunct Infernal Noise Brigade (a marching band created specifically to perform at street demonstrations) to the current project: Climate Chaos.

It’s basically a “HIGH VOLUME” multichannel bike-mounted soundsystem to be used inside the Bike Bloc during the Copenhagen Climate summit.

Says Filastine in his open call for sound:

From the 7-18th of December the world’s leaders will be in Copenhagen to decide the conditions of this planet’s future. Given the suspects & their financial backing, it’s nearly impossible we’ll be presented with solutions, far more likely we’ll see further privatization, enclosure, and commodification of the our atmosphere under the alias of carbon trading. This is your chance to put pressure, speak truth to power, or sonically disrupt, at HIGH VOLUME. Anything on-topic is welcome: remix the speeches of corporate & government leaders, environmental soundscapes, the sounds of nature or its undoing, appropriate collages, home-cooked theme songs, subliminal mob-inflaming drones, advertising.

& here is 16 seconds of Filastine recording with 16-year old gitana singer La Perla, inside a squatted cave on the hills of Granada overlooking Muslim palace La Alhambra… It’s a big world. And fighting for stuff you believe in is a fast & sure way of building communities within it.


  1. I certainly support this. Hopefully Climategate will punch even more holes in this ‘climate change’ business plan. Not only is its premise false, but the Copenhagen agreement could probably lead to (even more complete) serfdom in developing nations. The IMF & World Bank will continue their robbery of the 3rd world countries; as well as intensify this scientific fraud and financial fraud (carbon tax included) – to further their goals.

    I love this planet, but this is a huge swindle.

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