Juan Son in concert. I’m still learning about Mexican mustache semiotics…

Last month I began my radio show with “Las Hadas” (The Fairies) by Juan Son. I was in Mexico at the time, and I didn’t manage to write down the songs I played. Many listeners asked me what it was. Yesterday, after yet another email inquiry, I decided to listen back. (The full tracklist is now up, the show is streamable and podcastable).

I had no recollection of airing this song, or even hearing it before. And it’s lovely! A gently twisted piece of gauzy pop. How had I forgotten this? Easy, actually, but that’s another story… The upside of constant forgetfulness is nonstop surprise.


Juan Son – Las Hadas

Even more strangely, as my radio show was airing on WFMU, I was sitting in the airport beside Gerardo Naranjo, director of Voy A Explotar – the film whose soundtrack my friend gave me the day before. Not talking to him about this music. Missed connections.

As bodies fall through the air. The sounds of children playing. Field recording ambience from Mexico City’s Childs:


Childs – ….


It turns out that the 22 song soundtrack is free – detailed track info at Club Fonograma, download the MP3s here.

From the same release, a track which starts in the filtered clouds and floats down to some sunset dance party, cumbia shakers at the end tethering us to earth.


El Remolon – Bonita

18 thoughts on “JUAN SON”

  1. what a dreamy track, thanks for sharing!

    on a totally unrelated subject, what are you thoughts on being written into the script of the CW’s “90210”? seriously bizarre.

  2. I didn’t perform at Decibel b/c my Delta flight was delayed & the promoter couldnt/wouldnt change my playing time til later. I’m disappointed that the promoter didn’t make that explicit, it certainly wasn’t my fault.

  3. juan son recently performed in nyc at fontana’s w/ nacotheque…..his nyc debut performance and i heard it was packed and awesome….

    he was also part of group called porter which had made significant buzz throughout latin america and his group even played coachella before breaking up

  4. Juan Son’s performance at Nacotheque was awesome. He was dressed as a taco and performed most of his newest album, Mermaid Sashimi, a Porter song, and the Cheap Trick cover from the Rudi y Cursi soundtrack (I want you to want me). I also like the new album’s title track as well as “Nada.”

  5. waaa, that sounds amazing. how did i miss this? b/c the hive mind failed to inform me that it was happened. don’t let this happen, again, hive mind! that’s what comment sections are for.

    ny.remezcla.com has some pictures of Juan’s glam-taco outfit. !!

  6. y que siga inventando cansiones famosas como nada y espira y otros que ni me acuerdo de los nombres porque estan en inles

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