4 thoughts on “JABALIAATE”

  1. the jajoukan track sounds a lot like this one except the one i linked to has vocals… and it sounds a little bit doper, in my opinion. the beginnings are nearly identical.

  2. sounds like same genre, from north maroc:Jabalia, Djebalia, Djabalia, Jabalya, etc…

  3. hey Jace/Rupture
    I’m a friend of Pascal who organiziing the Paris gig at CafĂ© des Sports.
    I was thinking of shooting a short little music vid of you (or one of soots performance). I am an American director based in Paree; I would do it for fun and u could use it on the net/my space. Have 2 cameras and a photgrapher standing by if this intersts you. choose an artist and a track and let me know. To make the video richer, we could follow u or whoever around Paris and trip out bit (on the same or another day). Combined with the perf in da club this could be pretty rockin’. What do u think?
    john b / john1buche@gmail.com

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