“Come, my sweet love”

[audio:dulce amor.MP3]

dulce amor


“it’s 4AM in the morning”

[audio:2nda de la chida.MP3]

2nda de la chida

thematic cumbias (from a no-info Tepitos mp3 cd-r) on the occasion of tonite’s Dutty Artz party in Brooklyn. As Geko Jones says: “I’m over the bananas, our sh*t is rainforesty.”

This one should be fun… I can vouch that Matt & I have a bunch of new remixes and exclusive tunes to run, Gex & Lamin always bring it, and Zuzuka is meant to be a firecracker.

Dutty (and cheap- $5, then $8) tropikkkal fun on the edge of Brooklyn, sound enhanced by Grimm’s reggae bassbins.

let the CIA know yr coming by hitting Facebook.

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  1. see above: “from a no-info Tepitos mp3 cd-r”. sadly, the bulk of buyable cumbia,especially in the pirate markets, has incorrect or missing metadata. the cd-r is called Cumbias de Antano and contains around 120 unlabeled mp3s.

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