four blogs to keep you busy:

Musik Line

When Crofton told me about his new online ‘journal’ I thought — just say it, say ‘blog’! Yet it turns out he’s won the right to call it journal: long, bibliographically-enhanced pieces on stuff like tarantism, gnawa & black diaspora, and creaky Moroccan folk music! “dedicated to sound system culture and to African, Caribbean and other music.”

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Ongaku Club

A person in Brooklyn talks to a person in Japan, music blog as close conversation. I’m pleased to note that CUMBIA is their biggest tag.

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S Dot X

Spoek Mathambo is my favorite African rapper/cryptozoologist. This is his ALL CAPS BLOG. You’ll find mixes (like the excellent new installment of H.I.V.I.P. series, Devil House Mafia 2), pictures, and youtubery.


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Gravity’s Ra1nbow (en español)

out of Mexico City, mp3s accompanied by thematically related prose poems and photos. I like the impulse to not explain or describe the music in any direct sense (the music is already there, ‘right click to download’). I don’t download the mp3s, or I do but I forget to listen to them, but I like this blog nevertheless.


Quickie translation of the post w/ Deerhunter’s “Nothing Ever Happened”

Tomorrow we’ll leave the city on a highway that nobody knows, that’s empty because nobody knows it, and because it’s empty we can go as fast as we want — we always can, but whatever. 150 MPH in a twisted car. Doesn’t matter: there was never anything here. We’ll go from one extreme to another; before and after there’s a place full of stuff where nobody fits. But what do I know. Only speed and the night and the dead world know anything, they’ll tell us that until we stick our heads out into the deafening wind.

Here’s a nice visual essay he put together around an MP3 I unleashed by La Vagancia.


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  1. alexis – may 10th @ queens palace: Estrellas d l Kumbia (take 2!) , Pesadilla, and Sonido Kumbala. NOS VEMOS

  2. haha, the only reason i started following your blog is because cumbia was your biggest tag.

    thanks for the links, those blogs look pretty rad.

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