any Wolof speakers here?

and – Dutty Artz TV is looking for an on-screen ANNOUNCER to help with our NYC street fashion segments. the person should be comfortable on-camera & interested in urban / youth fashion. (look for color everywhere) If this sounds like you or someone you know, myspace us or email datv @ duttyartz.com.

today on the radio, an exclusive mix session by Dexplicit. & tix giveaways for his Friday Trouble & Bass party at Love, plus a bunch of new jams from Flamin Hotz and more. podcast version of this will be upped next week.

Grime/bassline producer Dexplicit is responsible for one of grime’s biggest hits, Lethal B’s Forward (also called Pow). Alongside Dizzee Rascal’s I Luv U, Forward was one of the milestone riddims in grime — soaring up in the charts, getting banned on UK radio demonstrated its overground power and populist force. UK & European radio, unlike its American counterpart, doesn’t censor (you can use all those nasty words), so it is rare when a tune gets banned.

But these days, it is Dexplicit’s groundbreaking 4×4 bassline tunes that have our ears ringing. We’ll catch up with him the following week for an interview.


9 thoughts on “WOLOF, TV, RADIO”

  1. Can’t say I do Wolof [yet!], but my ex-roomate does!

    He’s back in Lyon, but I could send him sumpin if you need a translation.

  2. Hye there,
    isn’t there any chance we could download the show with dexplicit as guest. Listening and up till now it sounds really good, would like to have it on my mp3 player for while I’m biking.

    Thanks for the new music rupture!


  3. yes latly! i noticed this when i started using foobar to listen to streaming (and all other) audio, in some audioplayers its a bit harder to find the source. foobar lists stream source right alongside all the other mp3 data. but yeah, with some looking you can find the stream’s source

  4. Just wondering if there’s a delay in the Mudd Up podcast hitting the itunes store. I’ve been checking almost daily for the past two weeks, but still nothing. I’ve found a bunch of other WFMU shows…

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