Samuel Delany and Junot Diaz reading in NYC this monday!

Monday, November 24th
SPECIAL NIGHT! With Junot Diaz (The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao) and Samuel R. Delany (Dhalgren, Dark Reflections).

@ Solas Bar, 232 E. 9th Street
7:30PM sharp

2 thoughts on “TWO FOR THE PRICE OF NONE”

  1. Jace, I went last night and there was a strange rift in the space/time continuum. Bc of the huge crowd, the reading was bifurcated, with Delany upstairs and Diaz downstairs. Then they were supposed to tag off and switch. But some lady in the upstairs passed out, requiring an ambulance, and canceling the second half of the reading.

    Tellingly, when Diaz asked the downstairs crowd how many had read Delany, only a handful (literally, five at most) admitted to having done so.

    I missed “Chip” and am sorely bummed.

  2. thanks 4 the report, Caro. that’s a bizarre setup – a tag team attempt across two floors?! seems like the blame lies on the organizers (St Marks Bookshop) for not expecting a huge crowd.

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