i’m very excited to be helping bring a lot of amazing music into the world this year. Our systems are in place and you won’t be disappointed.

On the Soot front, Maga Bo has a powerful debut album coming out soon that is almost too good. We did 3 videos for it (senegal, senegal, south africa) and there’s a taster vinyl EP with a Poppa Ghis Poirier remix coming in a month or two. That’s just for starters. (dont let the infrequently updated website fool you). We’re planning a very special compilation CD for spring, curated by the one & only…. ah! the price of secrecy.

I can say now that there will be a new DJ Rupture mix album released this spring by The Agriculture, called Uproot. This is my first ‘big’ mix CD since Minesweeper Suite. An extremely talented video artist put together video for the first track on Uproot (it’s not my tune, but it is the 1st video for a project of mine & i feel like a proud parent for connecting the dots needed to conjure it properly). We’ll be rolling that out in the near future….

I’m remixing Shackleton (great new Shack track!) & Gang Gang Dance this week; its a pleasure (& a challenge) to refashion material by artists whose work you’ve admired for awhile. In the printed world, articles of mine will be coming out in N+1, The Fader, and Abitare, among other places.

& Dutty Artz has mountains planned, not the least of which is DA TV, our internet TV thingy. the first installment is over at the Dutty Artz blog (which you should be reading, Matt holds it down & i’ll start contributing soon). the 2nd episode will have more ‘non-party content’, like NYC street fashion, a show where we ask our fav musicians to show us how to cook something, and more more more.

Basically we’re trying to cram the future full of color.

I can’t even talk about the artists we’re talking to; some of you read this at work and i dont want anyone to pee in their pants with excitement in front of co-workers.

here’s the youtube of DA TV ep. 1. Filmed and edited by Matt Shadetek, whose grillz shine on, lighting our path. M.Sht is a badman cheetah-speed producer by the way. i’ve been with him in a ton of sessions and he makes the seasoned studio engineers and pro beatmakers look slow, its great.

Always keep the ninjas on your side. Takeover time!

8 thoughts on “THIS YEAR IS OUR YEAR”

  1. Exciting (Maga Bo album sounds excellent and new mixes always appreciated.) Question: is Soot Shop ever going to be up and running again? I had a devil of a time obtaining Confusion of Tongues (didn’t ever see in a shop actually–bought it finally from AMAZON).

  2. everywhere, soon. 12″ being pressed in LDN right now + we’ll have a mp3 version

  3. very excited for the shacks and ggd remixes! care to spill about what tracks you’re taking on?

  4. August 5. for a mix I finished last September!! arrgh i hate the music industry.

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