1. This track is amazing. I certainly never disliked Skepta before, but this is on par with the Dutty Goodz mini-album.

    And, AND – not unlike DG’s Axiom, this is available for legal purchase at the iTunes Store, for near instant gratification paid for in American Virtual Dollars with no overseas shipping and handling (Amazon can get you a physical CD for $44, apparently). Very glad that I don’t have to troll torrent sites for things that I would be happy to purchase legally, just like in the olden days of Karma Download….

  2. i love skepta’s music. pity he (and plastician) are willing to help those on the fortunate side of israeli apartheid carry on with the party as usual while palestinian society is systematically destroyed.

    for information on the cultural and economic end of the campaign for BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) of israel, visit http://www.pacbi.org/ .

  3. Bruv skepta muslim, trust he int promoting Israel, taking the piss

  4. SKEPTA is NOT a muslim…stop chattin shit
    Little yoots like you make up rumours

    A muslim would never perform in ISRAEL

  5. it’s so stupid when peeps talk about muslim, christian, jewish diffrences. there is only one God and we all worship that very same one what diffrence does it make if u do it on your feet, sat down, or standing up. skepta keep dooing what you do and ignore these wankers who don’t have a brain.

  6. that aint even skepta in the picture, nothing their to prove he is skepta…yall should listen to “shape shifting” by skepta

  7. Surely it doesn’t matter what country Skepta plays in, he’s reaching people with his music…The citizens of a country are not responsible for their governments’ policies…Jam on Skepta, Jam on!

  8. Israel are not apartheid! Get your facts right and don’t just watch the news and reach false conclusions.

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