Complexe et diversifiée, la méditerranée laisse entrevoir histoires communes et singularités, entre mémoires et enjeux d’avenir.



Damien Tallard presents “Espadrille“, a streaming selection of North African music produced and issued on vinyl in Marseilles from 1950 through the 1970s.

Marseilles occupies a special place in my heart ever since i first stepped foot there (the view from the gare!). Partly because it is reminiscent of Barcelona with the horrible tourism aspects removed, partly because it is Maghrebi, partly because of the wonderful people I meet every time I go through, a unique fold in the map… Visiting there its difficult to recommend people specific places to go — Marseilles magic, for me, is non-obvious, not immediately visual, slow-moving and deep, in a sense it is like Madrid, another city capable of being user-unfriendly at first, which blossoms the more time you spend there.

big hugs to Amèlie @ Radio Grenouille in Marseilles for the tip, look for MuddUp! re-broadcasts there soon…

Tallard’s Espadrille post contains tantalizing info — a tangle of streets, a trio of labels, a distributor — that makes me want to learn more & some lovely, annotated album artwork scans.


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  1. Hi
    Thanks for the info about myjob on your site; looking for the sotry of these labels based in the Belsunce neighbourhood (close to the station) is my interest and, as a final goal, I’d like to release a compilation of these sounds purely maghrebo-marseillais. But I’ve a lot of other jewels released in Paris and Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, mostly 7″, which are unfindable on CD or download, and I’ll let you know about them as soon as I get more info on the rights. Creativ productions makes a fine job of reedition on CD of the music of the first generation of maghreb immigrants, you can see their work at creativprod?com.

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