Kakande – Dununya (from Dununya)

nowadays, cello to balafon, Brooklyn.

and then, guitar as balafon, 1970s Guinea.

[audio:13_Balla et ses Balladins_Sakhodougou.mp3]

Balla et ses Balladins – Sakhodougou (from The Syliphone Years, buyable here or here)


You can think about a song – a good song – as a miraculous moment when all the dissonances that frame a person’s life drop out of sight long enough to see how it looks without them. So when a band you like hits that groove, sometimes all you can do is listen, because that moment will be leaving.

5 thoughts on “SAKHODOUGOU”

  1. Oooh, that second one gave me a giddy little shiver. Thanks for both of those.

  2. yes, the 2nd tune prompted the post…. so nice!! better still, its from a new 2 CD set so lots more where that came from…

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