Saatchi gave me his credit card. Visa Platinum. “You’re poor Rupture,” he said. “Take this. Buy anything you want. It’ll turn into art.”

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If I’m gonna be rich, I’ve gotta be open-minded – Wiley ‘Living in London’

Wiley – Where You Gonna Run To? (produced by Wiley)

Grime Wave, on first listen great – all new tunes to my ears – the most cohesive Wiley CD release to date? Wiley cares more about his individual vision than making money, is unruly in business, seems compulsively himself. “On this album, I put a hundred percent in / so if I sell a hundred thousand, you know I meant it… I was getting held back so I left Big Dada.” (Big Dada is one of his former labels.)


Wiley – Wearing My Rolex (pirate soundsystem bassline mix)

the Grime Wave CD is buyable, sort of.

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  1. you might dig this (indian music heavy) blog, rough in here.

    on the getting rich tip, congrats, but it’s a double-edged sword. it takes a lot of time to spend wisely. it’s *almost* not worth it. i was given over $100,000 once by a friend, and it nearly destroyed me. i gave a lot away, traveled, bought some instruments, but mostly just plunked it into a storefront building int he hopes of opening a community center. still working on that, but happily much poorer.

  2. its obvious that this is a joke, right?- no wealthy art collector has ever given me anything, much less a credit card. but, more importantly – what friend gave you $100,000+????!!!!?!?!?!?!! i can be a very good friend but much less than that, ha!

  3. i wasn’t sure if it was a joke, so i figured i’d take it at face value. stranger things have happened. also, i thought it might be a different saatchi… i didn’t peg you as “sensational” enough. (i think your work is sensational, but you get me…) anyway, patronism isn’t dead!

    my friend was a trust-fund kid stuck in a self-destructive downward spiral. he gave my wife the money (and me by proxy) because he felt we would be at least somewhat responsible with it, and because he felt he owed it to my wife for projects they we’re going to work on, but he bailed from…

    he spent the rest (much more than that) in like three years. he’s better now, running a music studio.

    being a good friend doesn’t require having dough. attention and good will are worth a lot more.

    not that i wouldn’t appreciate, say, a rapidshare membership or sum’n!

    but seriously, i was considering asking if you wanted to split one, but i’m really broke right now. i’ve been researching backdoor sites and such, but no luck there. i’ve mostly just been dragging the links into a bookmark folder on the toolbar of my web browser. then whenever i’m online and remember, i just load one. it’s gotten me through a bunch of albums so far off that world music site we we’re talking about. i just posted about my favorite find so far, this badass zarb player… it includes video and link to a 27 minute drum piece… fine!

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