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[Alexandria Library, from WikimediaCommons]

My Own Private Alexandria. hours of listening, plus Paul Chan’s shapely metadata –

KEYWORDS: Philosophy, anti-philosophy, phalanx, food, build temporary buildings, difference between writing and idea, critics can go to hell, the coming future.

KEYWORDS: Art, thunder, noise against kids, hating kids, hating school, the awful effects of memory.

KEYWORDS: History of silent film, no such thing as silent film, shoot the piano player, fixing emotions, Benshi, love of Clara Bow, large faces, color as sex.

KEYWORDS: Cultural criticism, daily sense of history, New York Times as the most overrated newspaper on Earth, truth of our age in obituaries, institutions as sole grantor of legitimacy, progress as ideology.


Folk Music SMB is a nice site for… oudcentricity.
lots of middle eastern/arabic albums with scanned liner notes!, including Gnawa Diffusion’s Bab El Oued Kingston (which several folks emailed me about after I posted the Radioclit sample-source tune from it).

2 thoughts on “PUBLIC ALEXANDRIAS”

  1. Wow, that Folk Music SMB site is an absolute treasure trove. It’d take months (literally) to work through all that stuff. Thanks for the link.

  2. between this and the post you made over at dutty artz, i have a lot of listening!

    bytheway, on the folk music smb site, don’t miss le trio joubran… i have randana and love it, but i’m sure the new album is even better. a trio of brothers, all oud players (fairly unique in that…)

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