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(good reading over at That Veiled Gazelle, from which this photo was taken.)

So. Omega y Su Mambo Violento.

Over in the Dominican Republic, there’s a young man by the name of Omega, last letter in the Greek alphabet. It’s already a bit apocalyptic. And his band? Mambo Violento. And their deal!? Deft, catchy street merengue (‘meregue de la calle’ aka mambo)that surges over 200bpm+, coolly guided by his slo-mo baritone.

Does the song below have Amen breaks? I think so. “Tu No Ta Pa Mi”: this contains the best doubletime riddim shift I’ve heard in a long time, starts off smooth and just launches. Shout to dutty bredren Geko Jones for the digging assistance. Note that I found it on — i like the ‘eastafricantubeization‘ of streaming media sites.


anyhow, here’s Omega Mambo Violento. Don’t let the mismatched video fool you — it’s for “Alante Alante”. The audio belongs to “Tu No Ta Pa Mi,” and he’s singing about finding himself alone with the TV on, crying over impossible love, etc. It’s downright Morrisey :

3 thoughts on “MAMBO VIOLENTO”

  1. Hey Mr. Rupture. I clicked on that Domincan Tube and an episode of Family Guy came up that is dubbed over by Dominican actors. That shit is hilarious! They definitely take artistic freedom with their translations. Wow! Even funnier!

  2. big up for the mention, rupture! i’m not at all surprised you glimpse the like…

    i’m glad i can give something back to you after you completely rearranged my universe with “gold teeth thief” and “minesweeper suite”.

    me and brother ariel were sitting on our porch back in 1999 after a long weekend of raving thinking… damn, what if someone was to mix (“mashup” hadn’t been coined yet…) traditional world music with electronics… that would be the ish!

    that’s why it was so lovely to discover your music and blog. you chronicle the origin and future these sounds share and with an intellect and weight deserved for these subjects.

    frequencies are pregnant, music is born!

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