17 thoughts on “LET’S BE BLUNT”

  1. it should be DRM-free. am i wrong? If not now via iTunes, next week everywhere else…
    I’m assuming its DRM-free, unless iTunes defaults to putting DRM on everything for sale.

  2. On your show Bo played about 10 seconds of a track by a guy called Neon Don. I asked him about it and he said it would probably be on this. did I miss it?

  3. a lot of the more recent soot or soot-related output i’ve purchased on itunes has drm. i wouldn’t doubt it being a default thing.

  4. I just checked — I should have done this before I asked — and Archipelagoes is listed as “iTunes Plus”, which means it is DRM-free. Buying it now.

  5. thanks for the info (& purchase – enjoy!)

    from Apple: “iTunes Plus refers to songs and music videos available in our highest-quality 256 kbps AAC encoding (twice the current bit rate of 128 kbps), and without digital rights management (DRM). There are no burn limits and iTunes Plus music will play on all iPods, Mac or Windows computers, Apple TVs, and many other digital music players.”

  6. I clicked straight through – been looking forward to this, and if it’s DRM free then I’m happy to download – but iTunes tells me it isn’t available in the UK store. Any idea whether it will be available later? Or whether any other site will have it for download in the UK? I’m away from home at the moment and don’t want to wait till I get back so that I can buy a physical product.

  7. im gonna wait for the physical copy, but i am really excited, i feel like i have been hearing about this one for forever! im also really looking forward to uproot & the filastine!!!!!!

  8. yes, you are right! it got messed up. talking to The Man now but i think we’ll need to pull the album in order to fix the error… apologies, more in a bit, thanks for the heads’up

  9. Can you let us know when its all fixed. I’ll just pay 99 cents to replace the track if theres no easy way around it.

    If its 6 or 8… would need to know which one was the missing one.

  10. track 8 is the missing one… ive put in the changes, will let you know when it processes. apologies! not sure where the error was on this one

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