i moved into an apartment 2 minutes from the sea where Lucky Kitchen had lived and this CD was left in the CD player but the funny thing was I already had it anyhow.



[audio:02 pil pil.mp3]

Hypo – Pil/Pil

loving diagonal silicon-chipped French pop from the slow turn of this century, 2000-2. The label-related store calls Hypo’s album “a falsely heterogeneous collection of tracks”

While the concept of fake dissimilarity/ersatz multiplicity may be of use, Karaoke A Cappella sounds like itself. This is a good thing. In an alternative universe “indie” media picked up on this and it sold 45,000 copies instead of an underlit five hundred. I’m still listening to Hypo, six years later. Sensual timbres & songcraft plus electricity sparks. You can’t number passion. We know these people.

[audio:05 ddash babass.mp3]

Hypo – Ddash Babass


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does anyone know about RSS feeds? about this RSS feed? it stopped appearing in Bloglines, so I upgraded WordPress, but it still doesn’t seem to be playing well with Bloglines.

6 thoughts on “HYPO”

  1. dude your feed seems fine to me… i’ve had it in bloglines forever…

  2. always comes through one way or another. sometimes need to come to the original for links/downloads.

    not related, but sometimes the downloads don’t come throught right, and when I get to listen (can’t where I have a connection) I realise I’ve missed the boat with downloads. any chance foa re-up seasona for some of the cumbia tracks?

    btw, thanks for the vampiros cd to home counties rural idyll.

  3. I am using an RSS reader on my Mac and its not having any problem either. There’s two formats the feed has (One being Atom, and the other regular XML RSS 2.0), have you tried both?

  4. feed seems fine.. but in Bloglines the last entry that appears is “Colombus on Hold” — even with refreshing, checking from different machine etc it is ‘stuck’ on that entry. All other feeds/feed-readers seem fine…

  5. Hey Jace,

    great CD, indeed. Thanks for the reminder, almost forgot that have it in my collection. I also recommend Hypo’s “Jingles & Jingles” Vinyl EP.

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