“Anything I say here will sound tired, lame and cliched: I’m a loving, caring, empathic person trying to survive in a culture dominated by free market, neo-liberal values, white supremacy, patriarchy and the loathsome cult of individualism. My ‘academic’ work is *never* unconnected to my passions, desires, and ambitions for radical social justice. Black Studies is a calling to me, as strong as some folks’ religious fervour, and without music, my life would be a mistake.” – Tim Haslett

We crossed paths infrequently, but everytime i bumped into Tim he would gently tip new ideas (or new music) into my head.

Somebody play this tune for him for me next Monday. We were emailing each other in amazement when it got released, gun clack and heartbeat, the reality of pain as awareness of fragility, history samples and silence at the end when the voice drops out.

Marxmen (M.O.P.) – Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

3 thoughts on “HERE TODAY”

  1. killer track for a truly sad loss. love the reworking of the vocal sample from a. neville’s “tell it like it is.” didn’t meet tim often, especially lately. still it’s clear that his effects were deep, multiple, and consistently positive. have been thinking of borrowing an article “gone by dawn” from his blog for a project. guess i’ll be doing that…

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