[audio:13 – Don’t Stop Go! (Produced by Koolade).mp3]

Izza Kizza – Don’t Stop Go! (prod. Koolade)

Koolade is from Croatia! i played in Zagreb (his hometown) once. People asked smart questions. Our hotel stood next to ‘Colonial Cafe’, lil negroes as the logo. After our party there was a rave that i didnt go to – they said there was a big rave scene — it sounds like Koolade might have dipped in from his super duper synths.

from Kizzaland, a free Izza Kizza mixtape by Catchdubs!


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4 thoughts on “GO GO GO”

  1. thanks for the link! kizza and koolade both work out of a studio in west orange, you should have them on WFMU one night!

  2. look at nick run the comment hustle….. but- kizza SHOULD come on the show.

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