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The Ex & Gétatchèw Mèkurya FREE, at Lincoln Center this August. What!?!? WFMU greased these wheels.

“The Ex are among the most freeform and inspiring musicians and people we’ve had the fortune to experience live and on record. To hear them in full steamroller twin-guitar attack joined by the 73-year old Lion of Ethiopian saxophone is going to be a musical experience we’re all gonna remember.”

next weekend The Ex will be playing songs with a less-illustrious collaborator – me. They’ve been invited to curate the Musique Action festival and have a weekend of improv & unlikely unions planned.

“The 7,8,9th of May, The Ex will curate three special nights, on the 25th anniversary of the amazing Musique Action Festival in Vendeouvre, Nancy, France. The first two nights are The Ex and guests, in different combinations. Guests will be: dj/rupture from New York, the Australian bassplayer Clayton Thomas, saxophonist John Butcher, drummer Han Bennink, trombonist Wolter Wierbos and Ethiopian masinqo-player Afework Negussie. On the 9th will be The Ex & Getatchew Mekuria & Guests. Getatchew Mekuria specially flies over from Ethiopia for this concert.”

on the 10th, Ex + Getechew & Rupture (solo this time) play nearby town of Kotrijk


Andy Ex & I have a duo CD coming late summer or early fall. The title: Patches. it’s all mastered & sounds pretty good – live excerpts from concerts we gave in Europe over the past 2 years.

3 thoughts on “EX, PATCHES, RAVEPOLITIK”

  1. i never begrudge newyorkers the rents they pay, but i hear shit like this and i’m like… damn, why don’t i live there again?

    although props to pittsburgh, where you can buy a $5000 house with 10 rooms or $50,000 storefronts with 3 floors in a city with great arts and a thriving rev.

    but then again… the music in new york. wow.

  2. I love Afwork Nigussie’s beats, i really enjoy the way he play his music in a way that can touch deep in the root of our heart. most of the time he changes his stuyle in the modern and traditional way,

  3. i would like se realy afework nigussie dance and music> i have seen THE EX they are working good job ethiopian music i would like se also this job with afework nigussie !!i hope we will se one day true music life !!

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