More evidence that teen dancehall producer Stephen ‘Da Genius’ McGregor is pretty much creating his own genre (by splicing open silent time and organizing all the bits of guitars, voices, drums, synths, and glittering sky that fall out):

Eddie Stats’ new column ups a riddim mix of McGregor’s latest beat, DayBreak. great writeup, insane vocal runs…

speaking of reggae & daybreaks, here’s some cumbia remniscent of a dark, metaphysically heavy Lee Perry production. Traigan aguardiente!

Includes the lyrics: “que si no hay pelea no va a amanacer”

the dawn won’t come without a fight.

Super Combo – Cumbia de las Velas

2 thoughts on “DAY BREAK”

  1. i thought he was “lil stevie”? 😉

    either way, his productions sound so dark. they really relate to some of the vibe that people hope to achieve with their dubstep stuff. i can also imagine a refix of the braveheart soundtrack with mavado + mcgregor.

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