Nuevo artista – ill joyous accordeon 04

i dont know, afro-colombian, this is my metadata, anything else ask Sonido Inca.

i purchased two 12″ records in London – neither with any artwork, just a cheap one-color center label in a white paper sleeve – and it cost me USD $33.

I also met with one music lawyer, whose wide-set eyes are blue and turn hypnotic when I say “this is complicated” and she says, “no, it isn’t.”

Elsewhere, Lamin “adds zest and balance“, not to mention context, to my Balla post.

Simon Sellars at Ballardian offers a great response to me asking Kode9 about J.G. Ballard on my recent radio show.

plus, moroccan/algerian fans, don’t miss last week’s show with MS Pilot’s regasba mix!

mudd up!


  1. This song sounds like it could’ve been composed by Alejo Duran. It is an amazing example of Vallenato Clasico.

  2. hi jace,

    i noticed for quite some time, that the mudd up-podcast-feed isnt up to date and newer shows can only be streamed.

    On it says “Updated: Thu. 6/26/08” which is true unfortunately.

    give me convenience or give me death 😉

    cheers, marcus

  3. myom- thanks for the heads-up! im checking with my production assistant (who does all the podcast stuff) to see what went wrong. expect podcasts soon

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