in addition the 2nd day of Musique Action tonite, a last-minute Rupture solo DJ set will go down in Chartes (Orleans) tomorrow, and I’ll rejoin The Ex + Getatchew Saturday in Kortrijk, Belgium.

Outside our hotel there’s a Turkish restaurant where they’re listening to music on the room speakers & simultaneously blasting saz pieces from laptop’s YouTube link.

Expect more polyrhythm/cacaophony as our attention spans shatter along digital fault-lines.

+ + +
havent had time to listen, but: new Boy Better Know mixtape, as blogged by Prancehall, who also knows.

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the cumbia bug is infectious! Time to release more spores:

Afrosound – Ponchito de Colores

I’ve got multiple versions of this song, here’s the weirdest one– whoop whoop, plus someone quacks the bassline. This version is by Afrsound (thanks Sonido). All the others are from Ecuator. At this moment, a stronger blogger could resist the urge for ‘cute alpaca foto’…

…as it’s downright SUMMERY in France, time for a romantic cumbia sonidera from the kung-fu-influenced Mexican-Peruvian Grupo Ginnsu outta NUEVA YORK, with wah on the guitar. (Ginnsu’s website is noisy but kinda crazy.)

Grupo Ginnsu – Cumbia de los Patos

(“Ducks’ cumbia”? am i missing something?)


9 thoughts on “CHARTRES-TOPPER”

  1. hola jace
    esa version es de los afrosound!
    era una banda de estudio colombiana que surge en los 70s como respuesta al sonido de la cumbia peruana,
    checa el tema “caliventura” de ellos tambien, o la version que hicieron de “popcorn” llamada “palomitas de maiz”
    salud q ande bien
    j sonido

  2. sorry, I’m about to be a bit of an ass but I can’t help myself- it’s a wah that the guitar player’s using there- tremolo is rhythmic amplitude modulation.

  3. I think everyone knows this is a wah wah effect (I play guitar too)

  4. Yes, definitely a wah wah. Lots of tremelo efx can be heard in the Peruvian cumbia of the 70’s. It gives the guitar a shimmering sound found in rockabilly and surf records.

  5. wah it is! corrected, thanks.

    Afrosound!! gracias Sonido!

    ODB versio -> Uproot Andy


  6. DAMN i missed this post while it was still on the server. let mee know if you repost.


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