Rahim al-Haj – Baghdad, New Mexico


On the CD’s back cover Bill Frisell says “I hope many people will have the chance to hear his new album, Home Again, made up of his own very personal compositions.” But despite the ominous signs, it’s not a bad album. Solo oud with plenty of strumming, downright banjoesque at times.

Forged endorsement is an interesting concept. Let’s save that for another post. Also, we’re starting a blog about ___ that will be bilingual, despite the fact i’m a lazy and unfaithful translator.

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Andy was the first person to ask me about the last song featured in Masala’s post, which I hadn’t recognized when I first heard it, Do You Think I’m Sexy version from Sonido’s Rebajadas mix. Since then a lot of people have asked.

3 thoughts on “BAGHDAD, NEW MEXICO”

  1. The cover of Rod Stewart that Sonido put rebajada in his mix was formerly dug by Peanut Butter Wolf in his inspired set “Cover me Badd” (available on the Stone Throw podcast). Now anyone can feel the power of rebajada, turning into peyotl taking music even Rod Stewart material. But hasn’t Rod always being psychedelic? Just remember the video…

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