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you make a border real by policing it

“Interdependency cannot be reduced to a mere question of mutual enslavement*. It also consists in creating a ground that belongs to no one, not even to the ‘creator’ … Essential difference allows those who rely on it to rest reassuringly on its gamut of fixed notions. Any mutation in identity, in essence, in regularity, and even in physical place poses a problem, if not a threat, in terms of classification and contrl. If you can’t locate the other, how are you to locate your-self?” – Trinh T. Minh-Ha

* although this has its perks

africa migration

Some CIA affiliates came to the Fiesta Soot in Paris and gave me incredible music. CIA = Clan des Indigènes Accablés of United States of Africa = WOW now synthy-grimey African beat manifestations. Boomeranged to the back of yr head via velocities emanating outward from Abidjan (Côte d’Ivoire) and Paris (Sarkoziland) for the summer. we are all in Babylon Residence.


Nasty – Jreste une Hard


Manusa – Jfuck

the comp these are from is available as a free download, creative-commons-licensed: CIA History Part 2.

Stay loud, stay free, stay interpenetrated & (at least) three.


12 thoughts on “AFRICAN CIA”

  1. If I had time I would write a thesis called something like “from the possibility of crossbreeding to the reality of criollismo”. Psychanalists as Tobie Nathan and George Devreux wrote about “Ethnopsychoanalysis”, how to deal with immigrants psyché by introducing some of their native issues and remedies. Those bright doctors stated about mixed blood (eg one parent from Europe and the other from Africa) that his “cultural field” will be either European or African, with addition from the other, but cannot be mixed, like yellow and blue make green. Criollismo is the contrary: the meeting of cultures as it happened in West Indies or Latin America gave birth after decades of mixing and interdependencies to a genuine new culture, that may have forgotten everything about the former civilizations to create a new one.
    It’s all about identities. Niggers and Arabs in the streets of France becoming football world champions. French for sure. Niggers and Latinos in projects of NY or LA, followed by all people arround the world wearing baggy trousers. White guys born and raised in South Africa, proud of what their country has overcome. All watch asian movies. All want Obama for president.
    CIAFRICA is an attempt to achieve this crossbreeding culture (as everything that is happening here on the blog!) or to give some consciousness to this criollismo. Peace to CIAFRICA. Peace to Duttyartizts. Fuck Justice
    Yo Jace! Amadou will give you news soon! Thanks for all!

  2. Some of my Africa born relatives started calling the kids of European and African parents Obamas. “You and your nephew are true Obamas!”

  3. why bother locating yourself? i’m proud of my basque heritage, but if i fixate on it i miss the cultural “becoming” (in the félix guattari sense) that i am engaged in. it’s always good to be ABLE to recognize privilege, hierarchy, etc, but often the gift of the present (pun intended) is a loss of self in the collective activity, the jazz between the cultures, the free-style.

    oh, and HUJE TUNZ!

  4. shiiiit. this is an excellent comp, right up my alley style wise. after listening for a bit i’ve noticed something else about this that is musically significant… its the first time i’ve noticed non-american/european hip hop that doesn’t half assedly imitate their american counterparts. there’s more east london grime influence than any 50 cent / timbaland bullsh. finally!

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