a few weeks ago I was invite to inaugurate the BoomBox party up in Montreal — and ended up spending 7 hours in Newark Airport as they cancelled one flight after the other…

anyhow, the event is rescheduled for this Saturday, and it should be even better, as now the amazing selector Gervase from London’s Heatwave crew will be joining us!

Le 13 décembre 2008 au Zoobizarre :
BoomBox avec /Rupture + Gervase + Khiasma
$5 avant minuit – $10 apres

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In other news, the final Skull Disco release, Soundboys’ Gravestone Gets Desecrated by Vandals is available as 2 CD and a 2LP selection. My remix of ‘In the Void’ appears on both. The records are particularly interesting, as it is marbled grey vinyl with no information whatsover. Tombstone style! You need serious subs to hear it, but Raz’s 12-minute rmx is a definite highlight.


+ + +


No, somebody said HEAVY CENTRIST WUBSTEP aka mid-range wobble from our favorite subsidiaries of the Tempa/Ammunition/FWD/Rinse conglomerate.


Skream – Fick

…but the center is where things go to die?

over in Glasgow, Mungo’s Hi Fi roots system gets its wub on w/ the new Scrub A Dub sublabel, one to watch, here singing of dubplates on a mp3:

[audio:MungosHiFi_Dubplate fi dem.mp3]

Mungo’s Hi Fi – Dubplate Fi Dem


i’m struggling to reach a writerly deadline while folks want to take me out for ceviche (beach) and books (missed an Aira presentation by two days) and $0.50 – $2 bootleg indy films in Lima’s ‘Blue Dust’ mall.

but at times like this I heart the internet (and/or the hive mind)

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so the news is that altitude sickness has got me bad, despite the proper curative measures. i can’t really think anymore.

so i as try to wake up through headache & nausea, here’s one of my favorite tracks by Barcelona’s Cauto, sweet contemplative melody slinking around loose breakstep drum programming. Soon to be available on his free Disboot album! despertar = to wake up.


Cauto – Despertar

& an appropriately hypnotic marimba jam


Papá Roncón & Katanga – Oyeya

+ + +

and here’s info on the Lima dates: i’ll be giving an artist’s talk/Q&A this Thursday, doing a more ‘out’ DJ set with violinist Pauchi Sasaki on Friday, and then we gather strength for the blowout Sonido Inca dance party on Saturday with Sonido Martines. Sonido will open up for the legendary/amazing Los Mirlos on Dec 12. in Lima (they were featured prominently on the ‘Roots of Chicha comp’)

Readers of Peruvian literature, now is your time to share book suggestions.