so the news is that altitude sickness has got me bad, despite the proper curative measures. i can’t really think anymore.

so i as try to wake up through headache & nausea, here’s one of my favorite tracks by Barcelona’s Cauto, sweet contemplative melody slinking around loose breakstep drum programming. Soon to be available on his free Disboot album! despertar = to wake up.


Cauto – Despertar

& an appropriately hypnotic marimba jam


Papá Roncón & Katanga – Oyeya

+ + +

and here’s info on the Lima dates: i’ll be giving an artist’s talk/Q&A this Thursday, doing a more ‘out’ DJ set with violinist Pauchi Sasaki on Friday, and then we gather strength for the blowout Sonido Inca dance party on Saturday with Sonido Martines. Sonido will open up for the legendary/amazing Los Mirlos on Dec 12. in Lima (they were featured prominently on the ‘Roots of Chicha comp’)

Readers of Peruvian literature, now is your time to share book suggestions.


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  1. sorry to hear about the altitude problem. if you can buy some tea to take back with you and next time start drinking it before you arrive.
    at paracas which isnt far from lima there is a museum that has amazing thousand year mummy that has perfectly preserved dreadlocks!
    seem indigenous priests & some royalty in peru wore dreadlocks.
    si hay possibilidade usd puedes voy a colombia por favor escrever.mucho suerte!

  2. I like the suspense / development in the Cauto track, the synth lead and melody are amazing. When the drums finally drop though, it’s production sounds a bit played like some old D&B joint by Photek. Needs a remix.

    The Papa Roncon is sick business.

  3. Hey Jace,
    the coca isn’t the cure all for sorocha.
    take it easy and it’ll go away in a few days.

    For literature here’s a few names,
    Cesar Vallejo, poet / “Poemas Humanos”
    Jose Carlos Mariategui, socialist theorist
    Julio Ramon Ribeyro, “La Palabra del Mudo”
    also if you get a chance get some of the great
    afro peruano poet, singer, musician
    Nicomendes Santa Cruz

    when you get down to Lima be sure to grub on
    the amazing ceviche and drink the “leche de tigre”
    saludos compadre,

  4. hola, escuche Sonido martines y me gusto mucho. Voy a Lima el 8 y me gustaria escucharlo en el concierto que tienen el 12. Pero no encuentro donde es. Podrias decirme por favor.
    Soy de venezuela.

  5. Sup Jace,
    So stoked to hear you’re in Bolivia. I am an archaeologist who has been working down there for going on 8 years. El Alto is one of the most interesting/scary/hopeful places I have ever been. Too bad that new Bond movie wasn’t actually filmed down there.
    Hope you get out of La Paz to see the campo and Lake Titicaca which is my neck of the woods. BTW, chew the coca along with the Lejia. Makes it all a bit easier.
    Also, am loving that cumbia set. I hope a tracklisting gets posted.

  6. What’s up, Jace.. You should definetely try some peruvian poetry. Cesar Vallejo is the obvious choice, but there’re many other essentials, like Emilio Adolfo Westphalen, Martin Adan, Jorge Pimentel, Mario Montalbetti, Antonio Cisneros, Jorge Eduardo Eielson, Juan Gonzalo Rose, Cesar Calvo, Jose Carlos Yrigoyen, Carlos German Belli, Blanca Varela, Carmen Olle, etc etc etc

    Hope you have a great time in Lima

    See ya tomorrow

  7. Hola RAf de Venezuela, pues lo que tienes que hacer es tomar un taxi y decirle al taxista que te lleve al bowling de miraflores. El local queda alli, es a una cuadra del parque central de miraflores
    un abrazo

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