stay tuned: my radio show, Mudd Up! (one name fits all), will be Wednesdays, 7-8pm, starting in June. ive already got a bunch of INCREDIBLE guests (musical & otherwise) lined up but it’ll take a few days b4 i can sort who’s-on-when…

i think i’m talking at a thing at harvard next saturday on Free Kulture but can’t quite be sure.

i’m definitely talking at Postopolis at NYC’s Storefront for Art & Architecture the week after next (thurs 31st, around 4pm).

in Dubai hence the brevity

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  1. hey, so glad that you will be at Storefront. Yasmeen Siddiqui is a smart cookie. You should ask her to introduce you to Nicole Caruth.

    give a holler if you ever come back to Seattle.


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