I keep digging into Colombian music, and today’s find is exceptional – the source track for Timbaland’s ‘Get to Poppin‘ beat! MuddUp reader Tony IDed it awhile back, but nobody had the recording…

I’d forgotten that I was looking for it until I stumbled across this excellent Aspic records compilation, Colombia – La Ceiba.



Estefanía Caicedo, Totó la Momposina, Paulino Salgado – La Verdolaga

Everything on the CD is as good as this (incluso mejor…) Booklet includes bilingual liner notes & lyrics, which i’ll share next week. As with the other Totó la Momposina-related song that Timbaland has used (La Curura sampled/rebranded into Indian Flute), the words to this one form deep folky poetry. A disfrutar!


  1. I knew ‘La Verdolaga’ because of the awesome version by P18 that Tony mentioned in his post, but I did not know it was a traditional Cumbia. Thanks for this version

  2. thanks for the correction Judd. Diplo said the same thing – that it’s Brian Kidd’s production. the New York Times & a bunch of other places all said it was Timbo in the beginning. He *did* sample Toto La Momposina ‘first’, although this tune is a much more obscure/hard to find release, and props to Kidd, he really flips it.

  3. THIS AINT the correct colombian version. This is a collab version with a few different artists.
    Its been recorded quite a few times. Many of us at the timbaland forums knew about this since July of 2005
    The one where timbo directly lift it from is where Totó la Momposina sings the lead solo through out the track.

    Hit me up if you need.

  4. I think it sucks that Timbaland stole from Toto.. She made it so much better, and it’s more of a native colombian sound, and then he messed it all up with his Indian flute Rap hip hop.. meh..

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