cd covertoday’s song is from Golden Afrique vol. 1, although it’s available (cheaper) at Calabash. not sure if this is an Ibrahim Sylla production, but the band from Guinea-Bissau slots nicely into the extremely beautiful category.

You can’t really go wrong with ‘5 interlocking electric guitars and several-part vocal harmonies’ from West Africa:

Super Mama Djombo – Dissan Na M’bera

the informative Calabash write-up traces Mama Djombo’s arc through revolution and repression to conclude “what are left are magnetic tapes”.

a life & time unspools down to whatever medium can remember it: wet brains, hard drives, paper books, magnetic tapes, circular pieces of plastic inscribed with tiny mountains of sound that came from bodies and moved bodies somewhere, once.

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  1. Sylla’s not behind it, but he originally produced & released at *least* 3 of the tracks that Network included on their compilation: Orchestre de la Paillotte’s “Kandia Blues”, Balla et ses Balladins “‘Paulette”, Bembeya Jazz “Tentemba”.

    i’m pretty sure more material on it was licensed from Sylliphone but dont have the Golden Afrique disc in front of me. Here’s a good Sylla discography:

  2. Hello again,

    I have Golden Afrique in front of me, and Super Mama Djombo’s song is licensed by Cobiana Records. 4 songs are licensed by Sylla (Syllart):

    1/ Rail Band by Rail Band
    2/ Autorail by Orchestra Baobab
    3/ Warteef Jiggeen by Guelewar
    4/ Malouyame by Miriam Makeba

    For what I knows, Syllart was create in 1981 in Senegal and its 1st production was Orchestra Baobab. Ismael Lo, Ouza and later Africando will follow. Syllart has also the business of the reissue of the Syliphone catalogue, among other things

    Thanks for your cool site


  3. thanks for the info + clarification Aduna!

    by the way, when i changed by site i thought you had ended your blog, so i took Aduna off my links. I will put it back on! merci.

  4. I’m glad you’re posting this. It’s my favourite song on GA Vol. 1. Love it.

  5. Thanks for linking
    I was just far from the house and my discs during 1 year
    A bientôt


    Some selected tracks from the Mama Djombo album I downloaded sometime last year after hearing “Dissan Na M’bera” on some compilation. Please listen to “Julia” or “Assalariado” –some truly beautiful pieces of music indeed. The guitars on “Guine Cabral” will absolutely melt your heart. And the voices!

    and some bonus beats from 50 Cent, Killa Mike, and The Game w/ Rick Ross and Sean Kingston

  7. Hi Djombolover, I tried to get the songs u mentioned on Zshare but it didnt go through. It says it was not found. Can you please post a valid link for the download… Thanx

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