Ghislain Poirier’s Mix Afrique generated quite a bit of traffic here so I’d like to direct y’all to Matt Yanchyshyn’s equally generous assortment of African hiphop. Won’t be up for long!

Matt’s tastes tend toward the smoother end of the spectrum, laidback lush productions a nice complement to Ghis’s Afrocrunk selection. One hand can’t clap, one turntable can’t mix…


W&W introduces me to juke (via these embedded flash players that crash my win2k firefox)

what have you done?

(some of DJ Clent’s productions have that strange synth-fluttery grime feel, yes, bring it.)

4 thoughts on “MO’ AFRIQUE”

  1. Thanks to everybody who downloaded/enjoyed the mix ! I’ve been asked by the Mary Anne Hobb’s show (radio1) to do another mix, more focused on the grimey and cruncky sounds coming out of Africa. Stay tuned !
    More news soon.

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