just a week into ’07 and our Montreal point-man Ghislain Poirier kicks it with a powerful 30min. mix of hiphop from Africa.

Ghislain Poirier – Mix Afrique


1. 37mph – All In The Name Of Fun ( South Africa )
2. Tuks – Clap ( South Africa )
3. Xplastaz – Msimu Kwa Msimu (Tanzania)
4. Peter Miles – Owango RMX ( Uganda )
5. Awadi – Stoppez les criminels feat. Tiken Jah Fakoli ( Senegal )
6. 994 Crew – Bad Boy ( Mauritania )
7. Unathi – Sgubhu Sam’ ( South Africa )
8. Abass – Zibi zibi zaba ( Senegal )

20 thoughts on “MIX AFRIQUE”

  1. Abass´ ´Zibi zibi zaba´ threw me into a place where a smile was required….made a change to my headspace.

  2. Mix Afrique link FIXED. it’ll host it here for a week more. Thanks for the tip-off Tom! enjoy…

  3. you can also buy tracks from calabash for most of these artists. anyone want me to post links, or ya’ll think you can find them?
    hip hop section at:
    we’ve got full albums from abass, x plastaz, tuks, unathi

    and single tracks from:
    37mph (check tsotsi soundtrack page), peter miles, awadi (check tiken jah’s page)

    maybe i’ll even make a playlist “inspired” by ghislain . . .

  4. or even better, if any of ya’ll want to create playlists (african hip hop or otherwise) on calabash, let me know and i’ll set you up so you can do a profile and playlists as much as you want.
    easy to do.
    get featured in front of our audience, mondomix, national geographic, lycos, etc .. . .
    you can also then grab the code and embed players so your audience can listen to the music, and then actually support the artists by legally buying the tracks.

  5. hey jace,
    maybe its gremlins in my machine but that mp3 reupload seems to have a big gap in it after a few minutes… or am i going mad?!

  6. thanks for the repost, I was really wanting to hear this and, so far, i’m headnoddin’.

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  8. Because the first African Hip-Hop Mix generated lots of interests around the world and played on many radio shows in Australia (Fat Planet), Italia, UK and as well Canada, I’ve been asked by the Mary Anne Hobbs show (radio1 – BBC) to do a another mix !

    To be aired on Feb. 9th.

    This little mix of 23 minutes is definitely more grime and crunk oriented, heavy and dark, and show what’s going on right now in the African Hip-Hop scene.

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