cumbias & more on today’s radio, more in a bit… until then, a roundup of my scattered digitals:

Sellbesting’s thoughts on ‘crunkstep’ with a download of the Skream-Crime Mob moment from my latest mix, Secret Google Cheat Codes. (i get asked about that Skream track/Crime Mob blend nearly every time i do it.) the tracklist for SGCC should go live next week. it was effort-intensive, at least compared to a regular type tracklist.


…been floating on the bloggs but i always forgot to mention it. here’s another chance– my Architecture in Helsinki remix (forked-up here), downloadable as KEXP’s song of the day.

there will be a Secret Google Cheat Codes pt 2, and it will be a lobster: butta plus exoskeleton. crack it – open – kill… it? – to get the sweets.

American lobster, Homarus americanus

3 thoughts on “LOBSTERS”

  1. Yeah, I picked up a copy of the latest Shotgun Weddings when Filastine played here in Tokyo a few months ago. Enjoyed a lot of the SGCC tracks – think this must be your densest mix to date. Was it all done live, or was there some studio trickery going on there too?

  2. all live i think… for the most part im too lazy for studio trickery.

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