1. Mad exceptional.

    Full of essential tracks I’ve missed. Thanks for keeping me in line. Going to link this all over.

  2. Dropped my keyboard while brockin’ and felt like suffocating while getting the most phenomenal lemonface in some ~two years. Bought a Dead Prez album.

  3. Cool – I’m looking forward to this! Also ready for that new Shotgun Wedding disc – I take it Filastine’s mix is the (excellent) Mud/Blood/Beers one from the Soot Fall ’06 tour disc… but yours is a different mix?

  4. hal- yes. my mix for the Shotgun Wedding vol 6. is totally new. the cd should be out really soon! just got copies myself.

    Filastine & I also just did a 12″ for Shockout which should also be in shops soon. .. thanks for listening

  5. Hey, I played with Filastine here in Australia and this mix is mad, but nothin on seeing the man live. TO re-itterate what most people here obviously feel, Soot is a really special project, good to get what little we can here in oz. Also, rupture, the AIH remix is excellent, what a great take on the band’s work! Look forward to hearing more of your releases, great blog too.
    Big ups from subtropical meltdown capital of the pineapple state

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