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Eskiboy (Wiley) – Levels from Tunnel Vision vol. 6

Eskiboy - Tunnel Vision Volume 6

a post-retirement Wiley approaches Weezy levels of productivity (ok, maybe not), but Eskiboy is nonstop making beats as well as rapping. Tunnel Vision vol. 6 — released 3 weeks after his album hit stores — contains a couple sweet grimey string arrangements (like ‘Levels’); 2 replies to Dizzee Rascal’s diss track ‘Pussyole’ — one confident, one thoroughly uncomfortable; and a bonus beat called Apocalypto. Eskimos. Mel Gibson. The Mayans.

7 thoughts on “ESKILEVELS”

  1. Only last week i read an interview and Wiley said he wanted to bury the beef…i s´pose he mean´t after this track has run it´s course.
    Musically forward though, dem strings are sharp.
    Uh…do ya mind if i bag it?

  2. L-man: & the 2 dizzee lyrics are pure personal beef, so much so that it’s weird… but of course, the mp3s here are to be downloaded! if you click on the blue arrow it plays a FLash-preview, but if you click on the tune itself its for downloading… as always, i try to take em down after a week or so & have links to purchase a physical copy.

    as far as im concerned, Wiley & several other producers/mcs in london deserve a lot more media coverage, so link & rip & blog & spin away…

  3. Yes, Jace….i´m with you, thanks, done.
    As for the Justice-thingy….well, the man behind their label is one wise dude, he was responsible for signing Mano Negra-Manu Chao-Miriam & Amadou etc. He´s well on the case, but i don´t know why he hasn´t signed you yet!
    All the beats from Tenerife

  4. i can’t wait to hear TV6. Wiley gets extra wild, production wise, and he even spits harder on his mixtapes. i even liked Tunnel Vision 5 more than Playtime Is Over.

    the strings on “Levels” are brilliant. the track was produced by Bless Beats, same producer that did “My Mistakes” from Playtime Is Over. one can tell just by listening to the two tracks, but Wiley also shouts the producer’s name out.

  5. magik– thanks for the producer id. i heard that ‘bless beats’ shoutout but wasnt sure if he was naming a producer. 1st time ive heard of him. great great strings

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