Lil Wayne’s producer killed Karma’s Once so it could be reincarnated as Dying. The Fader pointed out the dots. She went from South Africa to Miami to become a star. I dont know what happens in Miami. This happens in Miami.

Karma – Once (lil wayne’s I Feel Like Dying sample source)

…just got back from ye Olde Europe, more soon

5 thoughts on “DYING SAMPLE SOURCE”

  1. lil wayne 2000s = david bowie 1970s?

    making great music, constantly doing all kinds of drugs, and kissing men…

    his song “dying” is one of the strangest/most original hiphop so far this year.

    btw, can anyone identify the sample on (dj toomp &) kanye’s “can’t tell me nothing” –i know that’s young jeezy’s adlibs, but the (presumably) female voice in the background is what i want to know.

    here’s a link for those who haven’t heard the song:


  2. i;ve been searching for some kind of info on karma and i cant find anything does any one know where to look

  3. can you PLEASE repost the song file for Karma’s “Once”
    I cant find it anywhere and when i asked her if she could send it to me she said “buy it from my snocap” but i dont have a snocap account.


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