this sunday I’ll be DJing near Dublin, with Mouse on Mars, Neill Landstrumm, and others, at the Sliabh An Iarainn (SAI ) festival.

Kaboogiewoogie explains: “its situated in a beautiful part of the country on an obliging mentaloid farmers’s land. His name is Pious and is a bit of a legend in the area.” Bog alchemists welcome. DJ Q-Bert & a bunch of cool electronica acts saturday nite.


old. time. music. now!

[Image: Rounder CD album cover]

While i listen to a some old old time music, i hadn’t paid much attention to new (or at least contemporary) old time music, and so when i heard the opening track of the Old Time Banjo Festival CD i thought, ungenerously, this is gonna be one of those comps with the best tune first. But then i listened to rest and its all as good, or better. ((if you like banjos))

I will give my Moroccan banjoist friends a copy of this. Who doesn’t like banjos? Even Clayton Bigsby likes banjos.

Out of all these players, Chris Coole lept out. witness his clawhammer style!!

Chris Coole – Hail on the Barndoor

clawhammer/frailing is the picking style which came, along with the banjo itself, from Africa. a bit more on that .

Black Banjo Songsters of North Carolina and Virginia

[Image: Black Banjo Songsters album art]

two short jams from the above album, Black Banjo Songsters .

John Tyree – Fox Chase

Leonard Bowles – Shortnin’ Bread

that’s all the Appalachia for now – off to Ireland.

6 thoughts on “CLAWHAMMER BANJO”

  1. Nothing to do with banjo:

    Just heard the Shadetek remix of the Sizzla track from your radio show last week. Hypnotizing.

    Where oh where can I find it?

  2. Hey now,

    You are spreading the good word of the Banjo…
    Theres a lot more out there – thicker, fatter & funky-er

    But, the Afro/Appalachian “Black Banjo Songsters is the place to start…

    I’d be glad to spread the Clawhammer grooves your way – cause your doing some fine work…

    peace, Eph

  3. I just read elsewhere about the Carolina Chocolate Drops -a young African-American old-timey string band but I have not heard them yet (or seen them, they’re doing some US East Coast shows this month)

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