5 thoughts on “ALAOUI”

  1. yes, artist is Sephora Rai. Alaoui refers to both the song title and the style of music. this is one of my favorite tracks from a 2 Cd compilation called ‘Maghreb Dance Party’ , 2006 Medina Music Distributin. 8 arab/north african DJs choose a selection of tracks from 8 maghrebi genres. 8 ambiances orientales pour faire la fรชte

    ill blog more on this one later. glad you like!

  2. this is Moroccan rather than Algerian, yes? love it.

    to alert you to a new party series where Rai will be played, with Cumbia, Bhangra, and a whole LOT of Kwaito:


    hit me on the nextel chirp if you are in berlin in near future and i will put you on guest list for one of these events… will be hype ๐Ÿ˜€

    keep up the good work jace.


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